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The killer app that helps your event run smoothly, every time.

All-in-one event wallet

All-in-one event wallet

Store coins and tickets in one place. Enjoy self check-in and order ahead drinks to save valuable time. Airchip replaces physical barriers with a digital alternative that is pure joy to use.

No need for internet

No need for internet.

No infrastructure is required at the events expense. All tablets will work while disconnected, providing 100% uptime. Airchip offers a secure all-in-one solution for access control and on-site payments.

Understand every visitor

Understand every visitor.

All visitor behaviour is measured giving unprecedented real-time insights into the performance of an event. Airchip can maximize returns and helps to reduce wasting resources.

Everything you need in one place

Aren't you tired of waiting lines?

What is Airchip?

Do you want waiting lines and plastic tokens to be a thing of the past? The Airchip platform can augment your event and your visitor’s experience. We are serving event professionals that are ready to leap the final big hurdle within the event industry that has been lagging in digital innovation for too long.

Airchip helps to streamline your hospitality by offering pre-order features at every bar or food vendor. By the time the visitor reaches the bar, a tray of drinks is already prepared to be picked up. Our extensive data dashboard can help you reduce costs and improve your sustainable footprint.

We are confident we can offer this comprehensive product at a competitive price. Care to find out how we can support your event? We aim to connect to every ticket system. Please reach out!

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