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Airchip x Het Koelhuis

The first weekend in July was one to remember for Airchip. The official opening of cultural hotspot Koelhuis was in Eindhoven and there was dancing, singing and drinking - unfortunately not until the early hours because of the stricter opening hours. And not unimportantly: no visitor had to wait at the bar unnecessarily.

Waiting is
sooooo 2020

Airchip makes sure you never miss your favourite moment at an event again. Through the easy order and pay app for festivals you can enjoy your day to the max. We'll do the rest!

Show who you are!

Getting served on demand is the new normal. Shouting at a waiter who doesn't have time for you? Never again! Select your drink and receive a notification moments later to let you know your order is ready. Or be waited on at the main stage! Show your screen to the staff and enjoy!

Don't judge!
Look at the benefits.

Your best friend has run off with that girl because you took forty-five minutes to fetch a few beers. With Airchip, this is a thing of the past.

You can order your drinks in advance anytime and anywhere and have them prepared at the nearest bar. Don’t feel like going to the bar? We don't mind. Scan a QR code nearby to have your order delivered to you. You will receive a notification on how to quench your thirst.

Airchip is proud of its technological lead. If the internet does not work perfectly, you can still place your order, even if the place is packed.

Paying through iDeal for every round is not very efficient. So choose to top up your mobile wallet for the entire day and enjoy being served on demand. Money left over after a party? With the push of a button, any remaining money will be refunded to your account.

Are you having trouble? Meet our digital helpline, you can ask her anything and nine times out of ten you will be provided with a solution in no time!

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