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The fastest way to serve large audiences and provide unparalleled service

Airchip offers the solution to the number #1 frustration of festival visitors: waiting in line. Our app solves this through a new way of ordering and payment. Guaranteed carefree and with a few smartphones we provide your event with a safe and sustainable payment system.

As simple as 1-2-3!

Guests choose what they want, pay or top up and will receive instructions where their drink can be collected or when their delivery will arrive. The pick-up points increase the efficiency up to 5 times and your guests are no longer waiting in line. Together with the bar production and catering parties, we ensure a smooth behavioural change with nothing but benefits for guests and staff.

No internet, hardware or even electricity is required to keep it running

For every 200 visitors, we provide a smartphone with a battery pack with the Airchip Terminal app for free, and if the Internet fails for a while, visitors can continue to order.

Deliver unprecedented service and discover new forms of income for your event.

Festivals and major music events are not known for their optimal service. With Airchip you can offer high quality service to large groups of visitors. Ordering in advance is already an improvement but we strive for even more innovative ways of hospitality. Scan the QR code in the lounge area to have cold beers delivered. Or how about a premium service with a virtual butler? A GPS-driven festival concierge who serves a group of friends everywhere, right up to the front of the main stage! We support creative initiatives to make service fun and innovative and we like to work together with the brands and sponsors involved.

Deliver unprecedented service and discover new forms of income for your event.

Festivals or large music venues are not known for their optimal service experience. With Airchip you can offer high quality service to massive crowds. While pre-order before pick-up already improves the event experience as a start, we strive for more. Visitors scan a QR-code at a chill area and have their cold beers delivered. When they want to go premium you can offer them virtual butler service. This is a GPS driven festival concierge that will serve them anywhere on site, excluding some highly populated areas like front-center mainstage.Service can be fun and futuristic and strive to support that.

A direct communication channel for offers, access and feedback!

With our chat function we can access and communicate with every Airchip user. This channel can be used to share relevant information about your event or to send targeted promotions. After the event you can share after movies, have questionnaires completed, or offer the tickets for the next edition. With the help of this tool, your real-time interaction with visitors is no longer solely dependent on Facebook or Instagram.

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